Orland, Church Plant, and Prayer



Orland is a small town an hour and a half north of Sacramento. It’s one of those towns with a church on every corner. Despite the number of churches, a growing number of people are gathering together ask the Lord if it’s His will for them to plant a church. Led by Pastor Anton VanStraaten, they have been meeting for months as a bible study and are now interested in taking next steps.

Anton reached out to Pastor Scott to discuss whether we could help launch a church in Orland. Pastor Scott and Robert traveled to Orland to meet with 25 believers to teach the principles of church planting on Easter Sunday. For over two hours Robert and Scott spoke and answered questions. In the end there was an apparent enthusiasm among the people in Orland for church planting.

Anton is from South Africa and trained with Scott at the Master’s Seminary. Married, with two daughters, Anton has been Pastoring for years in Orland. A consummate lover of the Church, Anton has been led to plant a new fellowship that focuses on seeing the lost saved, the saved matured, and the matured multiplied to the glory of God.

Church planting and revitalization is a core ministry of Anchored Bible Church. Whether it’s a local church merger, planting upstate, or training church planters in Ukraine, our church provides help. One of the ways we help is by supporting our Pastor and enabling him to minister to no only our own church, but others believers. But he’s not the only one called to serve! You are too! We believe firmly in the priesthood of all believers (1 Peter 2:5). According to your ability will you commit to one or all three of the opportunities?

1) Pray: for Pastor Anton and the body of believers in Orland.

2) Participate: in future meetings to help establish their leadership teams

3) Provide: time, talent, and treasure to encourage the saints in Orland

You can do one or all. By doing all you may discover you have more to contribute and provide that you ever thought possible!

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