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Teaching at Anchored Bible Church is anchored in the Scripture. We strive to present teaching that is clear, compelling, and challenging. On this page you’ll find three distinct types of messages: Preaching, Teaching, and Instruction. 

Preaching is the bold proclamation of the soul moving themes of Scripture. In our preaching you will hear what the Bible says about heaven, hell, God, sin, salvation, and eternity presented in relevant and compassionate ways. 

Teaching presents the nuts and bolts of what the Bible teaches. We answer questions such as “was the world made in 6 days?”, “Can God make a rock to big for Him to move?” “If God is good then why is there suffering in the world?” Teaching will expose you to “what’s” in the Bible. 

Instruction is practical teaching aimed at helping you develop the habits and disciplines of a lifestyle of discipleship. Did you know the the Bible teaches how to resolve conflict, let go of past hurts, love others as more important than ourselves, and even how to sleep well at night? Instruction is geared towards mentoring you in the “how’s” of the Christian life. 


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