We are an elder led church with a ministry implemented by dedicated and generous volunteers. Anchored Modesto is a place where truly anyone can make a difference. All you need is a to be a generous follower of Christ, committed to a growing practical righteousness, and a lover of God’s people. We invite you to get to know our church by getting to know our staff!


Robert Chin is has been with Anchored Bible Church since it’s inception and his wisdom and dedication to building a compassionate community of caring disciples has led our church to become a place of love and grace.  A doctor by trade, Robert is also a physician for the soul.

Worship Music Leader

Our church is blessed to be musically led by a team of passionate worshippers. Bao knows the cost of following Christ and the preciousness of worship. If you’d like to know about Anchored Worship or how to volunteer contact Bao today!

Church Secretary

Gifted at everything administrative, Iley oversees the operations of the church office. If you are interested in learning more about how you can volunteer in the Anchored Bible Church office contact Iley. 

Audio Visual Technology

Gifted a great eye and a great ear, Rudy oversees both our Sunday morning sound production, and produces media content for our church. If you are interested in learning more about how your audio visual gifts can be used to promote the ministries of Anchored Bible Church and the Gospel contact Rudy. 

Additional Contacts

Finance | Adam Wenz | finance@anchoredchurch.org

Youth | Mike Casion | youth@anchoredchurch.org

Children | Angela Gardner | children@Anchoredchurch.org

Hospitality | Connie Chin | hospitality@anchoredchurch.org

Benevolence | Marie Martin | benevolence@anchoredchurch.org

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