1. Anchored Families


We want our kids excelling at being disciples of Jesus. We believe the most effective way to do this is to include our children in our worship gatherings on Sunday morning. After all God intends for parents to be disciple makers. Does that challenge your conception of children’s ministry? Good because we believe in more, whole families engaged in whole fellowship growing in the Lord.


“Neither the state, nor culture created family. God did and he did so to bless people as a model of his love. The Christian understanding of marriage is not only life transforming, it will transform the generations that come after you.”

— Pastor Scott 


2. Anchored Life Groups 


We are not a church with Life Groups, we are a church of Life Groups.

We desire that everyone who attends Anchored Bible Church join a Anchored Life Group. Small groups meet once a week and last two hours in length. They include fellowship, Bible study, accountability, care, prayer, and intentional reaching out to one another and the community. 

Life groups gather around study based discussion, mutual ministry, and prayer. You can expect a Life Group gathering to last approximately 1 1/2 hours including time to fellowship. 

Why Life Groups?

1) Fervent love- Life Groups foster the community where we are givers and recipients of fervent love. We define love as seeking God’s best for the one loved and Life Groups will provide the community you need to live in love. 

2) Meet with God- Life Group discussions are anchored on the Word of God. We find wisdoms, direction, and protection when we sit under God’s Word. We read expectantly and faithfully.

3) Work out our salvation with reverence and joy- We are committed living more like Christ. Our relationships are the crucible of our transformation. It’s not always easy and can sometimes be messy, but they are always glorious as we identify our weaknesses and serve one another accordingly. 




3. Anchored Training 



New Disciples Class

Join others who are beginning their journey of faith with a target 8 week introduction to the historic truths and life changing doctrines of the Christian faith. You’ll learn about your bible, how to study it for all its worth, and the key doctrines that anchor a healthy Christian life. 

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1st Link

Doctrine divides, or does it? Fellowship is created when we grow in our understanding and agreement regarding what the Bible teaches. In this class you’ll build upon your knowledge gained in the New Disciples Class by creating a system of understanding that will propel your Bible study to new depths  

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2nd Link 

In this class you’ll focus on transforming what you know into action. The great commission commands that we teach in order to observe the law of God, that is we must learn how to put our Christianity into action. In this class you’ll discover how practical Christianity is. 

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You’ve built a strong foundation, you’ve built a solid structure of Bible knowledge, you’ve been challenged to live up to what you are learning, and now you know the next step of your growth is being trained as a leader in the Church. This class will prepare you for growing spiritual leadership at home, in your church, and around the world.

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4. Anchored Soul Care


When your car needs repairing you take it to a mechanic. When you have complicated legal issues you go to a lawyer. When you find life is messy and your feelings and perspectives are a mess we want you to turn to the Soul Care ministry of your church. A combination of intentional discipleship and biblical friendship, soul care will help you discover answers to life’s perplexing problems so that you can grow in wisdom and joy. 

What is Soul Care?

Soul care starts with the conviction that God has spoken through His Word and that what He says is trustworthy and dependable. The Scripture is sufficient in that it gives us everything we need to know for life and godliness. There is a breath of subject and a depth of information that allows us to live life based on God’s Word. Soul Care is the process of helping you discover God’s truth and to apply it in your specific life circumstances. The Goal of Soul Care is to help you grow into the image of Christ. 




5. Anchored Life Care 



Life can throw us unexpected curve balls that leave scratching our heads wondering how we can make the puzzle pieces fit together. We follow the command to do good first to the household of God and then all other people by extending benevolence to those who have needs. 

Our church can provide you meals when you are sick, help when you are moving, car repair when you need it, or do any number of tasks that will help you get back on your feet. 

Do you have skill or talent that you’d like to make available to the church? We use all volunteer labor to work for the good of our church and community. 

“I’ve belonged to churches where I was expected to be there for the ministry but when I needed the church there was no help offered. That’s not the case at this church. People have opened their lives to help me.”


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