1417 Harris Ave
Modesto, CA 95351

Saturday September 28th | 9am-12:30pm

No fee to attend | Freewill offering accepted


A million pages have been written on this subject yet most of us struggle to answer the question: ‘What is a disciple?’ Your answer to this question will shape the entire course of your life on earth and eternity beyond. The New Testament is not silent and Jesus didn’t shy away from teaching what His disciples must do, say, thing, and speak.

You will personally benefit from a clear understanding of your role as a disciple of Jesus. Churches will be benefited by a clear and objective understanding of what ministries lead to discipleship. Our world will inevitably be influenced as more of those who call themselves Christians, live distinctive lives as followers of Jesus.

So now is the time to confront doubt and confusion. Come and see a clear and compelling picture of discipleship from the words of Jesus and the pages of Scripture. This symposium is open to men, women, and mature children. Lunch will be provided.


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