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Making ministry Possible in Modesto

What is the Circle of Support

Anchored Bible Church exists to make disciples of Jesus Christ. For that to happen rely upon a team of partners from across the nation who commit to pray for us, participate with us in local ministry, and provide financially to meet the needs of our ministry. The Circle of Support is more than an invitation to activity, it’s an invitation to a relationship that we believe is mutually beneficial as we seek to glorify God through the fulfillment of the great commision. 

Why a Circle of Support

The fields are truly white unto harvest, the issue is the number of workers and the resources they have at their disposal. We believe that Modesto and the Central portion of California is a gospel rich environment. How do we know? The rates of believe are among the lowest in the nation, statistically rivaling some of the more famous international mission fields. In order to do effective ministry in a poor community it is essential that we have the prayer, participation, and provision our supporters provide us. In turn you get to have a front row seat in influencing our opportunities and blessings. With more than 500,000 people in the immediate vicinity we have a huge task ahead. Will you help us bring in the Harvest? 



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