LINK 1: INtroduction to theology, geography, and personal bible study habits

As a disciple of Jesus you have found hope that is providing a firm anchor for your soul. The New Disciples Class oriented you to the basics of Christianity and now we want to start adding links in chain that will further secure your heart and your mind in Jesus. We offer this Link 1 class to introduce you to the outline of Christian beliefs. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of what’s in the Bible, a growing ability to read and study independently, and gain a growing sense of the culture and geography in which the Bible was written. 

Highly informative and interactive we hope you’ll take the opportunity to be discipled by this ministry of Anchored Bible Church. 



What to Expect 

You will read the assigned reading and answer study questions that will prepare you to discuss what you are learning in a group setting. Pastor Scott will provide instruction for the evening that will help you tie together what you are learning. 




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