We celebrate families as the creation of God intended to foster faith, maturity and safety for children and parents. We believe parents are the best disciple makers for their children and we are here to equip parents to success in making disciples at home. 


Anchored Kids

We offer childcare for ages up to 4 on an needed basis. If you are visiting our church, know we have volunteers ready to respond quickly to provide childcare for your family.

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Anchored Parents 

Great parenting can come from anyone if you are following the right game plan. To often today parents face parenting without a plan and the results can be frustrating. What if parents could find a plan that would allow them to discipline with purpose, reward with meaning, and instruct with intentionality? Is it possible to restore parenting to it’s role as disciple maker? We think so, and we think you’ll be blessed as you practice biblical truth at home. We are here to teach, coach, encourage, and train our parents to be the best parents by God’s design.


Anchored Families

We believe that family ministry is important. Parents and guardians who serve set a powerful example that children see. Husbands and wives are encourage to serve as teachers, helpers, or ministry table staffers. 


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