If you’ve ever watched a football game on TV you’ll hear the quarterback speak a strange language before he hikes the ball. “Blue 42 left, white 80 set, hut!” While this sounds like nonsense to us, it means everything to those manning the line of scrimmage. Using these specialized terms means nothing to the other players unless what they mean is clearly defined, communicated, memorized, and executed.

The church likewise uses specialized language to communicate its activities, events, strategy, and mission. But unlike a football team, we usually don’t face 240lb linemen charging full tilt at us so we may lack the pressure required to clearly define what we mean when we use language to talk about the church.

The reality though is we face much greater pressures than anything ever faced on the gridiron. We aren’t contending over a ball. We are fighting for the eternal souls of the lost. So then why then is there not more conviction and commitment among God’s people? I content a fundamental problem is we’ve gotten lazy with our terms. We don’t know what we mean when we mean to communicate about the church. Here’s why this is a massive problem.

Clarity leads to conviction,

conviction leads to commitment,

commitment leads to character

So for the next two weeks, we are going to define what we mean when we use the language of the church. What do we mean when we say “The Gospel”? What do we mean when we say “The Church”? What do we mean when we say “Disciples”? What do we mean when we say “Women’s Ministry, Children’s Ministry, Out Reach Ministry?” What do we mean when we say “worship, preaching, prayer”?

By the time we are done we’ll know exactly what we mean when we say “We share the Gospel so that the lost are saved, the saved matured, and matured are multiplied, to the glory of God.” You’ll have clarity that ought to lead to life-defining conviction so that you can grow in your commitment to God’s plan for the church and participate in a way that builds greater and stronger Christian character in your life.

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