Would you set off on a cross country trip without consulting your navigation app? This is what it’s like to start out on the Christian life when you choose not to read your Bible. We get it. A lack of desire regarding the reading of Scripture is something that everyone experiences to varying degrees throughout life. Our desire is a powerful indicator of a couple things that we should pay earnest attention to.

There is a Louder Voice in my Life

Like you internet connection, your brain only has so much bandwidth. Between, parents, spouses, teachers, bosses and preachers there are a lot of voices speaking directly to you everyday. Behind the cacophony is a spirit inside of you that longs to regularly connect with the God who made it. This spirit is manifest as your conscience, that inward voice of conviction, correction, or condemnation. It speaks what it knows of God’s law written on your heart, or the knowledge you have by reading His Word. When our spirit no long compels a desire in us to read God’s Word, its usually an indication that there are louder, yet lesser voices filling up the bandwidth of your mind. What to do about this? Recognize it and respond. Pray, read, meditate for a desire to be restored, and it will be.

Relationship by Reading

When my wife and I were engaged she was living at home and I was deployed as a wildland firefighter hacking a line in a forest trying to contain a fire. For months we did not see each other but our relationship did not wither because of the distance. We wrote letters back and forth that enabled us to continue to grow our relationship. The Bible serves that purpose today. It’s a theological textbook though it contains theology. It’s a personal communication from the God who is and who wants you to know Him. The fundamental way you have fellowship with God is through Word. Reading it is hearing from Him. Praying is responding to Him. Mediating is valuing Him. It would be hard for people to have a relationship where they never spoke. Is that the kind of relationship you have with God right now? It’s liberating to admit, and it’s easy to correct it. Ask God to meet with you, talk with you, counsel you, comfort you. And open your Bible and read, praying as you do.

Life’s Questions & God’s Answers

There are dozens of websites devoted to helping you answer life’s questions from God’s Word. In this way, the Bible is not only useful for a living relationship with God. It can also be used for daily, practical guidance for all manner of problems, and questions. A couple of my favorite are the expansive archive of articles on a myriad of topics at Desiring God or the Scripture reference website BibleHub. Furthermore, as a Christian you are to be in fellowship where pastors and elders provide oversight to your soul that includes providing counsel and direction for you as you navigate the hills and valleys of life.

The Bible is the bread of life. It’s the medium of relationship between God and man, it’s called the book of wisdom with good reason. Does your soul need nourishing, has it been too long since you’ve communed with God, is your life aimless? Read the Bible and read it with those who do.

Do you need help getting your Bible reading jumpstarted? Contact us at info@anchoredchurch.org for resources that will help you take your first steps in an life transforming journey of personal transformation.

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