Our nation is divided, but we are not

Fault lines fracture our lives. Literal ones like the San Andreas fault threaten to shake us into oblivion. Likewise, symbolic ones threaten to shake us too. Race, neighborhood, affluence, and poverty are just some of the many fault lines brought to mind by the news cycle. With the most sensational stories receiving the attention, you may be asking, “who is my neighbor?” More importantly, you may be tempted to ask, “Should I even care?” Fueling a growing sense of alienation is the desire to belong in a community with other people. Who can bring us together? What is powerful enough to not only smooth the fault lines, but possibly heal them as well?

Modesto is a community that is shaped by fault lines. North-South, West-East, white-latino, 95350-95351, sober-intoxicated. Why? Because that’s the nature of sin in all of its forms. It divides, segregates, builds prejudices, and fuels anger. It makes an “other” out of your “neighbor” and turns those whom Jesus died to save into “them.” Against this bleak backdrop, God is doing something glorious.

In every zip code, God has his people. And His people are “our” people. And “our” people represent a community that is looking at the fault lines and covering them–not with ignorance, but with understanding. “Our” people–that is fellow Christians–from other parts of our town, are healing the fault lines with Christ-inspired love. This isn’t a “Kumbaya” love fit only for the mountaintop experience. This is love where it matters most, love that allows “others” to become “ours,” to turn “them” into “us.”

As a sign and declaration that we have received this love from God, we are going to show Christian unity on June 24th by combining with True Light Community Church for a joint worship service. This is what Modesto wants. This is what we need. We need to be reminded that above every horizontal fault line is the massive reality that those who love Jesus are community and family. A single morning of fellowship isn’t going to solve all of the problems that plague our community and nation. However, it will remind us that we know that the Gospel is the answer to the sin that divides and that it works to unite God’s people as one!


Service Details

Where: 1417 Harris Ave, Modesto

When: Sunday, June 24th

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